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We are devoted to providing potential investors an extended scope of legal consultancy and in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation with 100% success rate, with regards to procuring a safe and stable investment and return locally and internationally in Bulgaria and Cyprus in particular, to ensure a smooth and stress free application procedure through our established interactions with government and private certified organizations and our affiliate native Law firms,

Why Bulgaria ?

1. Political and business stability - Bulgaria is a member of the European union ,NATO and WTO. The stability of the currency is supported by the Currency board , one of the lowest government debts in EU.
2. Strategic location - located in the heart of Balkans with five Pan-European corridors ,four major airports, two main seaports
3. Human resources - work force is well educated, highly skilled and multilingual (98 % of the high school students study a foreign language and 73% study a second language,62% of the total population is in working age.

Bulgaria is one of most rapidly changing Member of European Union country. It has one of Europe’s most diverse landscapes: the vast lowlands of Danubian Plains in the north, the elevated plains and highlands in the south, and the beaches and miles of aquatic splendor on the Black Sea coast.

Bulgaria’s climate is as varied as its terrain, with Alpine conditions on the snow-capped Rila,Pirin and Balkan mountain ranges to the typically mild Mediterranean climate near Macedonia and the south.

Bulgaria is renowned for its mineral springs and is one of the most popular spa destinations in the world.Visitors also flock to its spectacular beaches and to the slopes and ski resorts of its snow-capped mountains.

From 2000 to 2008 Bulgaria had a house price boom with residential property prices surging around 300%.The bubble burst at the end of 2008. Bulgarian property prices are now 38.3% lower than in their Q3 peak, when average prices reached Euro 724.97 per sq.m. In 2014,the average price of existing flats in Bulgaria increased 1.15% to Euro 447.02. Bulgaria’s housing market is recovering ,demand for properties in the major cities grows and the supply will become limited due to the low levels of the new construction.

Find out more about Bulgaria.


EU CITIZENSHIP AND PASSPORT IN JUST 3 MONTHS - Cyprus citizenship by investment program - CCIP .
The Republic of Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean sea, a short distance from Lebanon ,Syria, Turkey and Egypt, the largest island in the eastern Mediterranean as well as being the third smallest country in the EU, after Malta and Luxemburg.

Joined European union in 2004.The country is ancient with rich history, known as the Jewel of the Mediterranean, with high standard of living, modern transport infrastructure ,beautiful beaches,340 days of sunshine a year and friendly people .

Cyprus first introduced its CCIP program in May 2013. By virtue of its most recent decision dated 19th March 2014,The Council of Ministers has revised its conditions and criteria for granting Cyprus Citizenship by Naturalization by exception on the basis of the Civil Registry Laws 2002-3013 to attract new investments in which the Naturalization certificate will in most cases be granted within just 3 months .Currently Cyprus is the only European country which by Law offers citizenship and passports in 3 months . Also, passports can be issued to the applicant’s spouse, all underage children and adult dependants in full time education and are under 28 years of age.

Citizens have the right to live and work anywhere within 28 countries of EU, to access well established EU healthcare system, have the right to protection by the diplomatic and consular authorities of any European country in a third country (outside the EU),right to vote or stand as a candidate to European Parliament. With the Cypriot passport the citizen can travel visa free or simply stamped on arrival to 167 countries(UK,Canada) and with the lowest and most favorable tax rate in Europe with many tax-exemptions for non-residents, dual citizenship.


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