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Litigation is an action brought in court to in force a particular right, any dispute, civil or commercial that seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. While we are experienced litigators and are prepared to go to trial if necessary, we also recognize that some matters are better resolved in alternate dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration or by negotiated settlements. Our goal is to get the best result possible by the most appropriate approach. Our priority is to resolve disputes timely and effectively, with the best outcome at the at the least cost.
Our litigation practice includes:

1. Landlord /Tenant disputes 

2. Personal Injury and wrongful death disputes
3. Intellectual Property
4. Health Care / Medical malpractice
5. Employment / Labor
6. Trust , Estate & Succession disputes
7. Contractual Liability
8. Family Relations
9. Civil Fraud claims
10. Freezing orders, assets recovery
11. Environmental claims and so forth


Commercial Law also known as a Business law is the body of the law that applies to the business engaged in commerce merchandising, trade and sales. We provide advice and representation to business of all sizes in relation to the various disputes: Commercial contract disputes, Competition law, Construction and Engineering, Corporate fraud, Professional negligence, Property litigation, Breach of Directors duties, Shareholder and partnership disputes ,Insurance disputes. Privacy law, Bank and finance – fraud, consumer claims, mortgage ,lender liability claims, professional negligence.


has became increasingly important in recent years as it allows parties to remain in control and to settle their dispute cost effectively and confidentially on without prejudice basis. We provide up to date legal opinion according to your business interest to avert , conclude or confront the disputes. In UAE various mediation centers have been established and actively engaged in conciliation process- DIFC,CASD (Centre for Amicable Settlement of Disputes),established in 2009 under Law No.16 , handle civil and commercial disputes. RICS UAE Mediation panel in association with Dubai Land Department for property and construction related disputes.


Al Maarif Advocates & Legal Ctonsultants.
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+971 4 2229944
+971 4 2225595
info@almaariflaw.com ; almaarif_law@hotmail.com