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The legislation in UAE in respect of personal and family affairs is governed by the Federal Law No.5 of 1985 CC (Civil Code) and Federal Law No.28 of 2005 PSL (Personal status Law )
Whether you are in UAE or overseas ,Muslim or Non-Muslim you can rely on our professional experience to guide you through the implications of Shari ‘ah Law in UAE in Marriages (the Nikah) - Islamic or mixed religion marriages , Divorce (Talaq ) , Child Legal custody and support , Guardianship, Alimony - a spousal support (compensation claim by the wife so called ”moral damage” ), Family Mediation , Domestic abuse, Forced Marriages, Pre-Nuptial & Post- Nuptial Agreements , Separation & Separation Agreement and as extended to Islamic Finances , Mortgages ,Investments and Trusts for Muslim, nationals and expatriates as well as for Non-Muslim expatriates ,when the Law of their own country doesn’t apply, especially in Inheritance ,Asset protection and Wills.

We advice as well on International Family Law Jurisdictions and their applications in UAE. Divorce is a topic that is to be handled with understanding of requirements and validity of its applicability within UAE local and Federal Laws. Taking time to explore your options and plan a thoughtful divorce will give your family the long term stability you need.



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+971 4 2229944
+971 4 2225595
info@almaariflaw.com ; almaarif_law@hotmail.com